We work with static sites and Wordpress

We will create a new site for you, revamp an existing site. For Wordpress sites we investigate, install and configure plug-ins and themes according to your business needs.
  • River Shore Building Services
  • Cafe Terra Blog
  • Bayberry Quilts
  • Nutmeg Naturals
  • The Kids Echo
  • Made in Connecticut

What do we do..

Modern Responsive designs

We develop web-sites that look great in browsers and mobile devices.

Reliable hosting

We offer affordable and reliable hosting on speedy servers.

Wordpress configuration

We will research and install any Wordpress plugins you may require. We can setup an eCommerce sites.


If you have any particular requirements for your Wordpress or static site (such as backups or SSL), we will research and present solutions for you.

We develop quality/professional web-sites for a reasonable price.

- Steve Knapp (Owner)

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